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dreamTAP series: Hook Titration System and Protrusive Range


Have you ever had trouble fitting an oral appliance because:

  1. The starting position was off?
  2. The appliance did not have enough adjustment range to adequately treat that patient?

dreamTAP simplifies protrusion with the 3 hook titration system.

DreamTAP 3 hook system

dreamTAP’s 15 mm protrusive range sets it apart from all other oral appliances on the market with 3 interchangeable hooks (included with every dreamTAP appliance) that allow 5 mm of advancement each, totaling 15 mm.  This unique design feature of the dreamTAP allows dentists to fine-tune treatment, in the office with no downtime in the lab, achieving the best results. Beginning with a comfortable start position, regardless of the initial bite, all the way through treatment to allow for additional protrusion.

dreamTAP standard starting position

dreamTAPs expansive range, coupled with the single point midline advancement allows the patient to advance their jaw with greater range than any other device in the smallest increments (1/4mm).  dreamTAP allows the patient to take ownership of their therapy by achieving optimal results on a gradual, night-by-night basis which leads to higher compliance rates.

As part of an 8-part series, we are going to dive into additional features and upgrades of the dreamTAP.  So you don’t miss out on any of the new information, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter to stay up to date on all TAP system product information!