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dreamTAP series: Part 4 – Lateral Excursion and Force Spreading Bar


The TAP system appliances all have the fundamental feature of single-point, midline adjustment in the anterior, without any material or mechanisms to prevent posterior lateral excursion.  The dreamTAP has two new features; increased lateral excursion and a force spreading bar.

The dreamTAP has the largest side to side excursion of any appliance on the market with approximately 10mm of lateral excursion ability in the anterior.  With no fins, adjustment screws, or bars obstructing the movement, many clinicians feel that this feature can allow for a healthier temporomandibular joint (TMJ) while using an oral appliance.

The second unique feature of the dreamTAP is the force spreading bar.  Due to the design change, the hook now pushes against the bar in front of the anterior teeth.  The shape and placement of the bar transfers this point load to the posterior arch of the molars.  By doing so, the force can be shared by the largest root forms in the mouth.

With these two new features, patients wearing the dreamTAP can easily move side to side, which many practitioners like Dr. Michael Hnat, believe creates a healthier TMJ.

Dr. Hnat excerpt


To watch the full video, click here 

As part of an 8-part series, we are going to dive into the features and upgrades of the dreamTAP.  So you don’t miss out on any of the new information, follow us on FacebookLinkedIn or Twitter to stay up to date on all TAP system product information!