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5 Tips to keep your custom TAP or myTAP good as new!


5 Tips to Clean

The fit and condition of your custom TAP or myTAP appliance can play an extremely important roll in treating your mild to moderate sleep apnea.

Here are 5 tips on keeping your TAP or myTAP in the best shape:

  1. Brush or clean your TAP/myTAP
    When you remove your appliance in the morning, take this time before you carryout your own dental hygiene routine to clean your TAP/myTAP.  Using a soft bristle brush gently brush warm water (NOT Hot) and an antibacterial soap on your device, in the trays, and around the hardware.
  2. ONLY wear your TAP/myTAP on CLEAN Teeth
    To help avoid discoloration and odors overtime, be sure to clean your own teeth (with a different toothbrush than the one you clean your appliance with) each night before inserting the appliance.
  3. Store it in a clean, dry space 
    We’ve all done it…wake up, take out your appliance, leave it on the night stand.   This not only can breed bacteria, but is the PRIME place for your furry friends to get ahold of your TAP (and trust us…they might like the appliance more than you do!).  Always remove your TAP/myTAP in the morning and clean it.  Once you have cleaned and thoroughly rinsed the appliance, removing any saliva from the previous night use, store the appliance in a breathable container.  It is important that the appliance air dries and is not in a moist environment.
  4. Avoid Heat
    Some of the plastics used in the custom TAP or myTAP trays are sensitive to heat.  To maintain the fit of your appliance, avoid placing it in direct sunlight, using boiling/hot water to clean your device or leaving it in your vehicle.  Storing the appliance in a cool, dry space will help maintain the longevity of your trays!
  5. Do not store your appliance in water
    The entire TAP System should not be stored in water or liquid as this can cause parts to degrade and the trays to delaminate.

BONUS TIP:  Always refer back to the instructions that came with your appliance when it comes to the official care and cleaning instructions.  

Contact your prescriber or Airway Management with any additional questions!