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How does the myTAP work?

The myTAP is the first of its kind, non-custom oral appliance for snoring and sleep apnea that is both patient-friendly and affordable.

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The myTAP appliance is based on the most clinically validated, effective custom oral appliance on the market, the TAP.  TAP appliances are mandibular repositioning devices that advance and stabilize the lower jaw so that the soft tissues of the throat and tongue do not collapse into the airway, thereby preventing snoring and sleep apnea.

The myTAP hardware provides a range of adjustability (21mm), not available in any other device on the market, allowing you to be in control of the treatment position by adjusting how far forward the lower jaw advances.


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The appliance has 2 trays that fit over the upper and lower teeth.  The trays are made from an innovative plastic that softens when heated and molds to the teeth.  This patented material is unique as it returns to the original shape when reheated which allows you to repeat the fitting process as many times as you wish (although it only takes one to get the perfect fit!)


What if the trays are too loose or too tight?

If the trays are too loose, simply reheat the trays and repeat the fitting process.  When you place the tray in the mouth, bite down firmly, then press the tray harder against the teeth with your fingers and tongue.   To achieve a tighter fit, suck on the tray during the fitting process.

If the trays are too tight, reheat the trays and repeat the fitting process.  Bite down with less force when seating the trays.  Once the trays are placed in the mouth and fitting to the teeth (after about 1 – 2 minutes), move the tray side to side using the protruding hardware.


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What if the trays are too narrow or too wide?

If the trays are too narrow or too wide, reheat the trays and either squeeze the molar area of the trays together or pull it apart depending on the size of the arch.


Does the myTAP require a prescription?

Yes.  The myTAP can only be purchased through a physician, dentist, or DME provider.


Is the myTAP covered by insurance?

Most insurance providers have a billing code for a non-custom oral appliance, EO485.  The myTAP is not covered under the standard, E0486 code, however, custom TAP appliances are eligible for Medicare and insurance reimbursement under code E0486.


Can you wear the myTAP with bridges, dentures, dental implants or braces?

If the bridge, denture, or implant is permanent, you may use the myTAP.  If it is temporary or removable, the myTAP is not recommended.   The myTAP is also not recommended for use with braces.


How long should the myTAP be used for?

If snoring or sleep apnea is being treated appropriately with use of the myTAP, Airway Management recommends moving into a permeant, custom TAP appliance after 90 days.