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New Accessory Product Announcement


We are excited to announce three new innovative accessory products for your snoring and sleep apnea treatment toolbox: the Custom Mouth Shield, the myTAP Mouth Shield, and the myTAP Vertical Shims!

myTAP & Custom Mouth Shields 

  • Alleviates dry mouth or excess saliva
  • Seals the mouth to provide improved comfort
  • Promotes nasal breathing to improve treatment outcomes
  • Visit TAP.wiki for Custom Mouth Shield Instructions

Airway_CustomMouthGuard_Illustrations_Deliverables-03Mouth Shield w: myTAP illustration 2

myTAP Vertical Shims

  • Provides more tongue space to positively impact treatment outcomes
  • Provides guidance for final custom appliance
  • To view the myTAP Shim Video, click here. 


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