Treat the full spectrum of sleep-disordered breathing.

Today, more patients than ever are willing to take ownership of their well-being. Yet many are still unaware that they can talk to their dentist about a major contributor to their health and happiness, their sleep. You have the power to change that.


Did you know that up to half of your patients snore?  While it’s truly a distraction in the bedroom, it’s time to recognize there’s a lot more to snoring that could keep them up at night. Sleep-related dental problems such as GERD and bruxism may be signs of more serious health risks including stroke, heart disease, arrhythmias and esophageal cancer. Plus there are proven links between lack of sleep and a host of problematic symptoms including depression, memory loss, hypertension, and weight gain.


TAP Sleep Care allows you to effectively treat the full spectrum of sleep-disordered breathing, so you can offer your patients a holistic, more intelligent approach to sleep that can dramatically improve their quality of life. 

Submitting your first case

In order to get TAP in the hands of as many patients as possible, we partner with the best dental labs to fabricate custom TAP oral appliances.

We are proud to partner with over 200 dental labs globally to fabricate custom TAP oral appliances.

Our in-house lab, Airway Labs, is the original and leading production facility of the Thornton Adjustable Positioner (TAP). 

Delivering a TAP oral appliance

flexTAP oral appliance for sleep apnea:
How does it work?


Choosing a TAP Sleep Care product for
your patients Sleep Apnea

Tap Sleep Care offers four device categories to help patients suffering from snoring and sleep apnea. Our comprehensive approach to sleep care is backed by peer-reviewed studies and more than 20 years of innovation to help manage sleep-disordered breathing.


You can fit a myTAP in as little as 15 minutes, so your patients will enjoy same-day treatment, a precise fit, and immediate relief.



For a more personalized fit, you can recommend a customTAP, which is a lab-made device individually fabricated for each patient to provide personalized comfort.


If your patients already use a CPAP, the myTAP PAP is a great option, since it combines the upper tray technology of the myTAP with a traditional CPAP mask your patients already use.
mytap Pap

customTAP PAP

For the most complex cases, customTAP PAP is a hybrid therapy that combines a TAP Custom with nasal pillow CPAP therapy.