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It’s no secret that too many traditional CPAP patients fail to use their mask on a nightly basis, and many are those who arguably need sleep therapy the most. Whether it’s due to instability, leaks, pressure drops, discomfort or marks on the nose and face, there are a variety of common problems that cause usage to drop. Until now.


myTAP PAP is a big leap forward in CPAP mask technology. By combining the upper tray technology of the myTAP and a traditional CPAP mask, myTAP PAP alleviates the common problems that too often lead to discontinuance of therapy.

myTAP PAP’s upper tray anchors the mask in place. This stability means less movement, no leaks and no headgear required since it stays firmly in place without straps (although headgear is available for those patients who prefer it). myTAP PAP also has the lowest pressure drop among nasal pillows and is one of the quietest on the market.

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