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What to Expect


Although every patient is different and will have a different experience with oral appliance therapy, there are some general things to expect:

  • There is an adjustment period for everyone. The tongue, lips, cheeks and other muscles of the mouth must adapt to the appliance. If you are having trouble adjusting to having an appliance in your mouth at night, try putting the appliance in while you are awake with your mind on something else (watching TV or reading, for example).
  • You may experience an excess of saliva in the beginning. This should subside after a few days. If not, contact your prescriber.
  • Go at your own pace. You have not failed if it takes you longer than a couple of days to get used to the appliance. Attitude is extremely important. Keep a positive outlook and know that this will help your overall health.



Patient Care Instructions (please refer to the Patient Instructions that are included with your device for more detailed instructions):

Brush and floss your teeth every night before you put the appliance in your mouth.

Insert the TAP device in your mouth and follow your clinician’s instruction on titration and treatment.

In the morning, brush the TAP with your toothbrush and cool water. Clean thoroughly. Be sure to rinse the saliva off of the appliance when it is taken out of your mouth.

Shake the excess water off the appliance and leave out to air dry. Be sure it is not in a container that will retain moisture.

Be sure to place the container out of reach of pets and children.

Do not store the appliance in liquid of ANY kind.


The AM Aligner takes an impression of your normal, comfortable bite before you begin to wear the TAP (or any other mandibular advancement device). Your clinician will fit you with the AM Aligner at the time you receive your TAP device. If you do NOT receive an AM Aligner, be sure to mention that to the clinician or contact Airway Management customer service. The AM Aligner is a crucial part of treatment to ensure patients minimize any side effects associated with all mandibular advancement devices.

When you wake up in the morning, your jaw will have been in an unnatural position during the night, so your bite may be off. Your front teeth may hit together and your back teeth may not hit at all. This is a normal side effect of all mandibular advancement devices, and if the AM Aligner is not used on a regular basis, it can move your jaw permanently over a period of time. Since the manufacturer and clinician can’t be with you every morning to be sure you use the AM Aligner, it is your responsibility to be sure you are taking the extra step.

When you remove the custom TAP in the morning, you should stretch your jaw. After this exercise, the muscles will have somewhat relaxed and the jaw will begin to normalize. The AM Aligner is made to record your exact bite before TAP Therapy. You will place the AM Aligner in your mouth, bite into it and flex your bite a few times. Since each person is different, the amount of time needed to use the AM Aligner varies to return your bite back to its natural position. Some patients wear it while taking a shower or driving to work. As you use the AM Aligner, you should feel your muscles relaxing and very soon notice that there is no stress on your jaw and your teeth are back to their proper position (fitting into the AM Aligner).

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