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Snoring is caused when too much muscle relaxation occurs. The tongue presses on the flabby tissue at the back of the throat causing the airway to start collapsing. The air rushes through this narrowed airway space and the increased air turbulence causes the flabby tissue to flap back and forth, resulting in the annoying sound we know as snoring.

Simple or nuisance snoring is harmless, unless it bothers the sleep of someone sharing the bed. If the bed partner’s sleep is affected by this snoring, their health can truly be altered (see Second-Hand Snoring). Oral appliance therapy with the myTAP is extremely effective in helping these suffering bed partners.

Snoring tends to get worse as snorers get older or gain weight. The passage of time causes the tissues in the throat to sag and vibrate more, while weight gain causes fat deposits to narrow the air passageway in the throat. As the air passage in the throat narrows, whether through the passage of time or weight gain, more serious sleep-related breathing disorders occur.

In many cases, severe snoring leads to more serious health conditions such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). It is therefore advisable to consider snoring a treatable condition.