Treating All Four OSA Phenotypes with an Oral Appliance

This article is written by TAP inventor Dr. Keith Thornton and featured in the May issue of Sleep Review. Many individuals commonly assume all oral appliances are designed the same and placed in a one-size-fits-all category due to their attachment to the teeth and their mandibular protrusion. However, this is not the case with TAP® […]

Combination Therapy: Using Both Oral Appliance Therapy and PAP to Treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Delve into the groundbreaking collaboration of oral appliance therapy and CPAP treatment, spearheaded by Dr. Keith Thornton. Discover how this innovative combination therapy device is reshaping the landscape of sleep apnea management, offering patients a customized and effective solution for better sleep and improved health. Explore the benefits, potential challenges, and prospects of this cutting-edge […]

Maintaining Your TAP Appliance: A Comprehensive Cleaning Guide

Keeping your TAP appliance clean is crucial for its effectiveness and oral health. By establishing a regular cleaning regimen, you can extend the lifespan of your appliance and maximize its performance. Here’s a comprehensive guide on cleaning your TAP device, including daily maintenance habits and additional care tips. Daily Cleaning Routine Start your day right […]

Future of Sleep Apnea Care: Insights from Frontiers in Sleep

Dr. Keith Thornton recently participated in a panel discussion, shedding light on the evolving landscape of sleep apnea management alongside industry leaders. Highlighted in a publication by Frontiers in Sleep, the discussion outlines critical challenges and unmet needs in the field. These needs include:  Revamping the diagnostic process Streamlining the patient journey Addressing provider shortages […]

UnitedHealthcare to Revise Medical Policy on Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treatment

On March 1, 2024, UnitedHealthcare (UHC) will implement a groundbreaking revision to its obstructive and central sleep apnea (OSA) medical policy. This significant change now mandates oral appliance therapy as a crucial step before considering surgical treatment for adult patients diagnosed with moderate to severe OSA.   Under this new policy, patients must undergo a trial […]

Sleep Doctor Partners with Airway Management to Offer myTAP Oral Appliance

Designed for immediate relief and enhanced comfort, myTAP joins Sleep Doctor’s expert-recommended sleep wellness catalog. DALLAS [February 7, 2024] – Airway Management, manufacturer of the most globally researched oral appliances, is excited to announce myTAP is now available through Sleep Doctor. This partnership is to help consumers suffering from snoring or sleep apnea or who may be CPAP non-compliant. […]

WATCH: flexTAP 101 with True Function Dental Laboratory

flexTAP 101 is now in session! During this hour-long webinar, Dr. Jason Hui teams up with True Function Dental Laboratory to share his best tips for integrating TAP Sleep Care into your dental practice and some history behind the devices. WATCH THE RECORDING Webinar Description:  Join us on Wednesday, December 6th at 7pm EST/4pm PST […]

WATCH: New AM Aligner with Airway Management

Ready to bridge the gap between tradition and innovation with the new AM Aligner? During this one-hour webinar, Dr. Keith Thornton and Dr. Steve Carstensen will explore the fascinating evolution of the AM Aligner morning repositioner. WATCH THE RECORDING Webinar Description: Join us in our upcoming webinar to delve into the remarkable journey of the […]

Celebrating One Year of flexTAP

As we wrap up flexTAP’s first year on the market, we are happy to announce new design improvements, share success stories, and inform you of clinical research underway. Introducing flexTAP, the latest game-changer in the world of dental sleep medicine. With a successful year under its belt, flexTAP has revolutionized the industry by simplifying the […]