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What People Say about TAP Sleep Care Solutions

People love sharing their experiences about how TAP Sleep Care has helped improve their sleep apnea, reduce their annoying snoring, and replace their difficult CPAP. The following are real testimonials from real people.

flexTAP Testimonial

Dr. Steve Carstensen

dreamTAP Testimonial

Dr. Jill Ombrello

"It's really comfortable and works really well."
“After the first night trying it on, I haven't snored since.”

From the office of Dr. Joseph Whitehouse on TAP 3

“Not only have we been able to supply immediate relief for multiple patients, but one patient successfully reduced her AHI from 37 to five and eliminated multiple associated symptoms."

Tom Colquitt, DDS – Provider

“Any dentist who has been treating sleep disordered breathing has seen the need for a Mandibular Advancement Appliance which can be fitted for a patient right now to test the efficacy of providing a patent airway with an intraoral device. The myTAP is…Read More »


“I am so impressed by the improvements to the newer model.”

Mark F

“The first types I tried were good as far as results. I got a good night’s sleep, and cut down bathroom trips. The devices had a different design and were more uncomfortable, and they would fail eventually. Customer service quickly took care of this. I am so impressed by the improvements…Read More »

TAP Custom

“I have also noticed myself dreaming more and even more bright eyed in the morning.”

Gerald B Savory, DDS – Provider and Patient

“My old TAP reduced my RDI to 10 but just last week I took three nights of data and the new Elite has lowered it to five. !!!!!!!!!!! I have been testing the device and after a night or two of a tender right joint, I seem to be settling into it.…Read More »

TAP Custom

“With the new TAP PAP CS there are no straps and NO leaks. The nasal pillows fit perfectly, and I could sleep on my sides and even on my stomach!”

David Cooper, DDS – Provider and Patient

“At the advanced seminar I was able to attach AM’s new nasal pillow to my custom TAP. To treat my moderate OSA I have worn a TAP 3 Elite since its development. Recently, I have had to add a nasal pillow CPAP mask to supplement my …Read More »


“It is like a miracle drug and I don't even feel the need to drink coffee in the morning anymore.”

Aguido Macandog – Patient

“I started using the dreamTAP a week ago.  When I woke up the first morning, I felt amazing!  My sleep was not interrupted at all and I never felt very well rested and full of energy like that while on CPAP for 6 years. I told my Sleep Dentist on my first follow up appointment that it is like a miracle drug and I don’t even feel the need to drink coffee in the morning anymore.”

TAP Custom

“Dear Airway – Best Appliance!!”

Harris Mulnick, DDS (on the dreamTAP)

“Acclimation time was two nights. Feeling more rested, it works great!”

TAP Custom

“It is about the most effective and non-irritating solution I could imagine.”

Pat Beug – Patient

“I have used a progression of CPAP, BiPAP and VPAP machines, coupled with just about every mask marketed over the last 14 years, with mixed (at best) results. Currently I do best with a variable pressure machine delivering between 15 and 25 cm O2.…Read More »

mytap Pap

“I have tried virtually every mask on the market, and none of the can hold a candle to the TAP PAP.”

George – Patient

“In my bedroom closet, I have a box filled with at least 25 discarded masks. Do not hesitate, buy this mask today. It is absolutely terrific. I know, I have tried them all. Over the past ten years, every time a new mask would come out, …Read More »

mytap Pap