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 Custom Choices.

Treat sleep-disordered breathing with TAP Custom. Available in multiple hardware choices and three available tray liners, these premium, lab made devices are individually fabricated for personalized comfort.



  • Achieve healthier, more comfortable sleep with our newest and most effective TAP Custom oral appliance.
  • More tongue space for greater comfort
  • Cobalt-chromium hardware, stronger than surgical stainless steel
  • Rust- and corrosion-resistant
  • Nickel-free, 100% allergen-free metal
  • TAP single-point, midline adjustment
  • Three hook sizes for greater range of adjustment
  • Custom-formed soft liners for superior retention

Additional Hardware Options:


  • Smallest hardware for more tongue space


  • Original TAP, with the greatest range of adjustment and an attached adjustment dial

All TAP Custom appliances are medicare coded (E0486). Click here to download the coding verification for all custom TAP Appliances.


  • AccuTherm (Airway Managements newest tray technology)
    • Thinnest liner option available
    • Final fitting with a single chairside appointment
    • Perfect balance of retention and patient comfort
    • Hot water softens inner liner allowing final fitting to be done chairside with no hand piece required
  • Triple Laminate (TL)
    • Soft liner
    • More streamlined
  • ThermAcryl
    • Greater retention for challenging dentitions
    • Re-alignable


The unique design of the TAP empowers patients to fine-tune treatment at home, as well as work with the clinician to achieve the best results. With a single point of central adjustment, the TAP prevents uneven bilateral adjustment that may create an irregular bite and jaw discomfort.

With the fixed mechanical hinge and inseparable pivot point, all TAP Custom devices meet Medicare requirements to treat OSA.

TAP Custom is a durable, patient-friendly sleep care solution. It’s also incredibly effective, with an over 90% success rate. TAP Custom devices are recognized as the market leader in sleep care and are currently prescribed by over 7,000 clinicians worldwide to treat nighttime snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

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