Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t let questions about TAP Sleep Care keep you up at night. Find answers to frequently asked questions about how TAP Sleep Care oral appliances can help reduce obstructive sleep apnea symptoms and improve your sleep.

TAP Sleep Care oral appliances lead the industry when it comes to helping people achieve deep, restful sleep. A simple, yet effective design makes the TAP one of the most effective device available to treat snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).


In fact, the TAP is the primary oral appliance replacement for a cumbersome and noisy CPAP and may help you avoid surgery to help you sleep better.


It’s no surprise that we consider the TAP among the best sleep apnea treatments available, but don’t just take our word for it. We’re proud to say that the TAP has more independent, peer-reviewed studies published than any other oral appliance on the market.

You may already know if you have sleep apnea, but if you don’t, your partner certainly does. Sleep apnea causes abnormal breathing while a person is sleeping. This impacts the amount of oxygen the body receives and the overall quality of sleep. It’s a very dangerous condition that doesn’t just get better on its own but there are effective, non-invasive treatment options to help you manage your condition.


The three kinds of sleep apnea are obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), central sleep apnea, and mixed sleep apnea. OSA is the most common form of sleep apnea. If left untreated, all three kinds of sleep apnea can lead to serious health consequences and even death due to heart disease, high blood pressure, or stroke, to name just a few.


Choose a trusted oral appliance, like TAP Sleep Care, which is considered one of the best devices to treat obstructive sleep apnea.

The TAP Oral devices incrementally and mechanically open the airway by pulling the jaw forward vertically. This acts like the first step of CPR. Clearing collapsed tissue out of the way makes space for normal breathing.

There are several signs to watch out for if you think you might have sleep apnea. Some of the most common symptoms of are loud snoring, suddenly waking up from sleeping because you’re short of breath, waking up choking or gasping for air, and hearing from your partner that you sometimes stop breathing when you’re asleep. Sleep apnea is a serious medical condition that won’t just go away. Talk to your doctor about ways to help manage your symptoms, including using an oral device.

Sleep apnea has been linked to a number of medical conditions, including heart attacks, high blood pressure, GERD, diabetes, eye disorders, erectile dysfunction and pregnancy complications for women. Talk to your doctor about sleep apnea and possible treatments, which may include an oral device from TAP.

Many studies have shown that the TAP appliance is as effective – if not more effective – than CPAP in patients with mild to moderate OSA. Oral appliances also have many advantages that CPAP does not, like:

  • Does not disturb a bed partner
  • Easy to travel with
  • Lasts up to five years with no need to replace tubing every three months
  • No straps or obtrusive tubes/hoses


At the end of the day, CPAP works…if you wear it. A treatment option is only effective if you wear it. Find what works for you.

If you would prefer to treat sleep apnea without a bulky and noisy CPAP, TAP Sleep Care provides oral appliances that you may find more comfortable and easier to use than a traditional CPAP. Learn more about all of our alternative oral appliances to find the one that works best for you.

TAP Sleep Care offers a variety of oral appliances to help reduce sleep apnea and snoring.


The myTAP is a precision-fit appliance, similar to a boil and bite. It can be fit in as little as 15 minutes and provides immediate relief from snoring and sleep apnea. The myTAP is also a low-cost option that can be used as a trial/titration device to see if oral appliance therapy will work for you.


Tap Custom offers the personalized comfort of a premium, lab-made sleep device for treating snoring and sleep apnea.


If you are happy with your CPAP therapy but want a new mask, the myTAP PAP Nasal Pillow Mask may be right for you. The myTAP PAP combines the upper tray technology of the myTAP and a traditional nasal pillow mask to provide strapless CPAP therapy.


For the most complex sleep apnea cases, TAP PAP CS is a hybrid therapy that combines a TAP Custom oral sleep device with nasal pillow CPAP therapy and may be able to lower CPAP pressures with the combination therapy.

You do need a dentist or physician to order an appliance for you. If you have a prescription for an oral appliance from your sleep doctor, you can order the myTAP online at ApriaDirect.com.

The myTAP has a patented Precision-Fit liner that can be reheated and refit as many times as needed. The custom TAP Appliances are custom-made to models. If they don’t fit perfectly, the dental office will make small adjustments so the appliance is comfortable. If all adjustments have been made and they still don’t work for you, we have a 30-day guarantee.

To order a custom TAP oral appliance, please use our Find a Provider tool to locate a clinician in your area. If you have a prescription for an oral appliance, you can order a myTAP online at ApriaDirect.com.

Insurance generally will cover the custom TAP Appliance with the code E0486. The cost is based off of your individual insurance plan and provider.