The First Personalized-Fit Nasal Mask

The Morf nasal mask is designed with a unique ThermAcryl® seal that is heated and formed perfectly to the contours of each user’s face. Once formed to the face, the firm seal reduces pressure sores, mask movement and prevents silicone allergies. The ThermAcryl seal material also reduces the size of the mask, improving vision and reducing claustrophobia. The durable seal extends the life of the mask reducing the need for frequent seal replacement.

10 Minutes to Custom Fit
Compact, Lightweight Design

Easy, Custom Fit in 10 Minutes

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“So Simple – I got this mask about a month ago. It was very easy process to get the mask fit to my face and make adjustments. Cleaning is even easier, I just wipe it down with a mask wipe every day. The interface is firm but once you go through the fitting process it is customized to your face and the headgear doesn’t need to be cranked down like my old wisp to get a seal, so goodbye headgear marks all over my face in the morning.”


Tyler V.

“A novel and great Nasal mask – I recently purchased the Morf nasal mask, largely out of curiosity. What I found was an easy to fit custom mask. I was initially concerned because it did not have a silicone cushion. That went away very quickly with its exact custom fit to my nose and face. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and absolutely love it.”


Stephen M.

“Innovative new mask – This is the first mask that I’ve seen that you can mold specifically to your face. The process to mold it is quick and easy. You may need to re-mold it a few times to ensure that you don’t have any leaks coming from the top. I have sensitive skin, so I know that I would need a mask liner since the mask is firmer than most. While I prefer silicone masks for comfort, this one would be way easier to clean.”


Kristen C.

“Customizable – This mask wasn’t perfect for me – I prefer a squashier mask and this is firm – but I love that this company is innovating! People have such different face/nose shapes, being able to mold it yourself is a great option if other masks aren’t working.”


Emma C.

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Morf Nasal Mask is currently sold through CPAP.com.

Not Compliant or Completely Satisfied?

Airway Management is pleased to offer a 90-day Patient Compliance Guarantee Program for CPAP naive patients for the Morf Nasal Mask. If you (the patient) are not completely satisfied during the first 30 days of use, we also offer a 30-day Patient Satisfaction Guarantee program. These guarantees are in lieu of any other applied warranties, breakage or misuse by the patient.


Click here to learn more about the Morf Guarantee.