Why TAP Sleep Care System Is Right for You

The louder you snore, the happier your marriage will be. Said no one ever! The fact of the matter is that there’s a lot more to snoring that could keep you up at night. Sleep-related dental problems such as GERD (heartburn/acid reflux) and bruxism (teeth grinding) may be signs of more serious health risks including stroke, heart disease, arrhythmias, and esophageal cancer. But wait, there’s more, because there are proven links between missing out on sleep and other health risks, like depression, memory loss, hypertension, and weight gain. Who doesn’t love to gain weight, right?


But there’s an answer that’s so simple you’ll kick yourself for not trying it sooner. TAP Sleep Care from Airway Management effectively treats the full spectrum of sleep-disordered breathing, offering you a holistic, more intelligent approach to your well-being that can dramatically improve your quality of life.

Snore No More!

Snore No More!

Yes, snoring can be a disruption in the bedroom, and fixing it can do the work of a dozen marriage counselors. But how can TAP help? The Thornton Adjustable Positioner, or TAP, is a patented mandibular (lower jaw) advancement device specifically engineered for keeping your airway open while you sleep.


What makes the TAP so innovative is the single-point, midline advancement mechanism. This technology not only allows you to advance your lower jaw with greater range than any other device, it also makes it incredibly comfortable and easy to adjust your device while it’s in your mouth. TAP Sleep Care lets you take ownership of your therapy by achieving optimal results on a gradual, night-by-night basis.


Of course we think our oral appliances are amazing, but the great news is that the experts agree. TAP has shown in numerous independent peer-reviewed studies to be superior and more effective than any other appliance on the market. In fact, it’s the only device proven to be equivalent to CPAP1.

1. A. Hoekema, B. Stegenga, P.J. Wijkstra, J.H. van der Hoeven, A.F. Meinesz, L.G.M de Bont. Obstructive Sleep Apnea Therapy. Hoekema Research Report J Dents Res 87(9):882-887, 2008

Ditch the CPAP

Just like no two people are the same, no two sleep experiences are the same either. That’s why TAP Sleep Care is anything but a one-size-fits-all solution. Rather, it’s designed as a system of care with multiple treatment options. For a large number of patients, traditional CPAP therapy may not be the right solution. 


TAP Sleep Care helps your dentist or sleep physician develop an ongoing treatment plan that can benefit you the rest of your life, starting immediately with myTAP, a precision-fit non-custom device that you can receive on your initial visit to a dentist.

Ready to Start Sleeping Better Tonight?


Find a Provider

Find a clinician near you who can treat your sleep-disordered breathing with TAP Sleep Care. If there is not a provider in your area, please have your provider contact us.


Virtual Treatment

Sleep Doctor provides virtual consultations with doctors, at-home sleep testing, and top-notch treatment choices. If you are a patient needing a diagnosis and prescription for a myTAP oral appliance, book your free consult today to get started.

Order Online

You can order myTAP online as a cash pay alternative through CPAP.com or Apria Direct by uploading your prescription from your provider.

How to Get a Sleep Appliance

If you are an existing patient who still has trouble sleeping, even after using a CPAP or other oral appliance, talk to your doctor or dentist about which TAP Sleep Care device is right for you.  If you’ve never used CPAP before and are new to oral appliances, getting started is easy, just follow these simple steps:

1. Consultation

It all starts with seeing a medical professional, whether it’s a dentist, ENT, sleep physician, family or primary care physician, or orthodontist. If you don’t know any dental sleep professionals, use our find a provider tool to find one near you.


Download our helpful doctor discussion guide before your next appointment.

2. Sleep Test/Screening

After your consultation, you may be referred to a sleep physician for a sleep test. A diagnosis of sleep apnea is generally required by most insurance companies for your TAP custom oral appliance to be covered.

If you don’t want to have a sleep test and would prefer to just be treated for snoring, talk to your clinician about using myTAP.

3. Selecting a TAP Sleep Care product that is right for you, whether it’s a CPAP or an oral appliance

Depending on your level of sleep apnea (mild, moderate, severe), your doctor and dentist can help determine which therapy is right for you, whether CPAP or oral appliances

  • Oral appliance (myTAP or customTAP) are great for mild to moderate sleep apnea
  • CPAP (TAP PAP CS and myTAP PAP) is best for severe OSA

4. Impressions and fitting

Your clinician will take impressions of your teeth to ensure a proper fit.

5. Follow-up visit

You will schedule a follow-up visit to make sure that your TAP oral appliance still fits well.

How to Get a Sleep Appliance

Not Compliant or Completely Satisfied?

We are please to provide a patient compliance guarantee and 90-day warranty for myTAP. Please contact your prescriber regarding any custom appliance warrantees or compliance guarantee programs.

Airway Management is pleased to offer a 90-day patient compliance guarantee program and 30-day patient satisfaction guarantee program for myTAP PAP