Peer-Reviewed Study

The simultaneous use of positive airway pressure and oral appliance therapy with and without connector: A preliminary study.

Author(s): Tanaka Y, Adame JM, Kaplan A, Almeida FR.
Published in J Dent Sleep Med. 2022;9(1).


Devices Used: TAP PAP CS

This study uses our customTAP PAP hybrid therapy device to explore the efficacy in combination therapy of PAP and an oral appliance.


As stated in the study, “A PAP interface that connects the OA to PAP mask directly could allow a secure fit with the patient’s face or head without any straps or bands and therefore could reduce the side effect related to the straps. TAP PAP CS is one such device already in the market. The nasal pillows of this device are anchored to the maxilla via dentition and expected to reduce discomfort of conventional PAP mask.”