AM Aligner

Prevent Bite Change

One of the most mentioned side effects of mandibular advancement is morning malocclusion, or temporary morning bite change. An objective study showed that a greater amount of protrusion can lead to more side effects. The AADSM suggests that a morning aligner like an AM Aligner should be considered first-line treatment for this common side effect.

How Does The AM Aligner Work?

The AM Aligner is a unique thermoplastic material that takes a registration of the patient’s normal bite before treatment. The bite tab allows for easier fit and daily use. Fitting the AM Aligner takes less than 10 minutes. It is to be used for 5-10 minutes each morning after use of an oral appliance to exercise the jaw back to its usual position.

Included With Every TAP Appliance

Dr. Keith Thornton developed the first repositioners for oral appliances for sleep apnea in 1994. Since then, Airway Management has developed numerous ones including the newest AM Aligner. We believe that it is standard of care to provide an AM Aligner with every oral appliance so the patient has the tool to prevent tooth and jaw movement.

Mouth Shields

flexTAP Mouth Shield
dreamTAP Mouth Shield
myTAP Mouth Shield

The Importance of Nasal Breathing 

Due to airflow through the mouth, some patients experience dry mouth leading to mild discomfort when using an oral appliance. Our patented silicone Mouth Shields have been designed to prevent dry mouth and excess saliva. However, a major secondary benefit is the promotion of nasal breathing. 

How Do Mouth Shields Work?

The flexTAP and myTAP posts are inserted into the Mouth Shield and sits inside the lips.


The dreamTAP and TAP 3 Mouth Shield is attached to the custom TAP hardware and sits inside the lips, reducing flow through the mouth and promoting nasal breathing.

Vertical Shims

What are Vertical Shims?

The myTAP vertical shims are an optional comfort accessory to the myTAP oral appliance, available for purchase separately. They increase the vertical opening of the mouth and come in small, medium and large sizes that progressively increase the vertical opening.

Advantages of Vertical Adjustability

A problem with most appliances is the size of the oral cavity; the vertical is not adequate. Two of the strongest TAP studies proved that vertical adjustability and tongue space lead to better outcomes. 

1. In a TAP & CPAP Army comparison study published in Chest 20111, researchers prescribed OA to 497 patients and outcomes proved no significant difference in mild and moderate OSA patients. In fact, 73.6% of patients were successfully treated with TAP, and this study is used as part of the AASM and AADSM guidelines stating OA as first line therapy. 

2. Research published in the Journal of Dental Research indicated “that oral-appliance therapy was not inferior to CPAP for effective treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.”


Bite Registration and Titration

The purposes of the ProGauge are to assist in accurately taking a bite registration and to record the patient’s range of motion for titration purposes both clinically and in a sleep lab. The ProGauge comes with three different hook sizes of position sliders to provide the ability for the dentists to take a bite registration with more precision based on the patient’s needs.