Precision-Fit® customTAP Oral Appliance

The ultra comfortable dreamTAP appliance is designed with hardware on its exterior, offering greater tongue space with no obstructions. dreamTAP utilizes two custom-formed soft liners for superior retention, AccuTherm and Triple Laminate (TL).

dreamTAP comes with three hook sizes and offers 15mm of horizontal protrusion range. An adjustment key permits the clinician or patient to adjust the protrusion of his/her lower jaw in 5mm increments.

To improve treatment outcomes, the dreamTAP Mouth Shield attaches to the hardware and sits inside the lips, reducing flow through the mouth and promoting nasal breathing.

Available through 100+ partner dental labs
15 mm protrusive range
Chromium-cobalt/stainless steel parts

Hardware Design

dreamTAP is designed with the hardware on the exterior, providing more tongue space and increased comfort.

Adjusting Protrusion

dreamTAP offers three hooks for a 15mm range of adjustment. The dreamTAP adjustment mechanism advances the mandible 0.25mm with each turn of the adjustment key. Patients can vary the position precisely by counting the turns. This allows both the clinician and the patient to confidently maintain the proper treatment position and yet allows them to make changes depending on the patient’s symptoms.

Precision-Fit Trays

dreamTAP is available with two custom-formed soft liners for superior retention: AccuTherm or Triple Laminate (TL). AccuTherm®, the newest tray liner, allows you to achieve the perfect fit every time using hot water. Triple Laminate (TL) creates the snap-fit retention TAP is famous for. Easily adjusted for minor fit issues, it’s quick to deliver and comfortable for the patient.

Milled dreamTAP is also available exclusively through DynaFlex. Milled trays create an extremely accurate, crystal clear and impressively strong device.

Nasal Breathing

To improve treatment outcomes, the dreamTAP Mouth Shield attaches to the hardware and sits inside the lips, reducing flow through the mouth and promoting nasal breathing.

Combination Therapy

Most studies have shown the TAP appliances to be very effective in the entire sleep disordered breathing range from simple snoring to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. To treat severe OSA, Airway Management has designed an add-on product to connect a dreamTAP (or TAP 3) to a nasal pillow. We call it the TAP PAP CS, or the dreamTAP PAP.

This allows the professional to combine oral appliance therapy with a CPAP device. For most patients, using the TAP PAP CS will permit the patient to reduce the pressure on the CPAP by opening the airway first with the TAP appliance. The result is higher compliance with the treatment.

What Customers Are Saying

Gy Yatros, DDS, New Concept Sleep

Barbara, Patient, treated by Dr. Steve Carstensen

“I started using the dreamTap a week ago. When I woke up the first morning, I felt amazing! My sleep was not interrupted at all and I never felt very well rested and full of energy like that while on CPAP for 6 years. I told my Sleep Dentist on my first follow up appointment that it is like a miracle drug and I don’t even feel the need to drink coffee in the morning anymore.”

All custom TAP oral appliances are Medicare coded (E0486). Download the coding verification for all customTAP oral appliances.

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