myTAP PAP® Nasal Pillow Mask

mytap Pap

Not Your Ordinary CPAP Mask

Tired of your same old CPAP mask? The myTAP PAP is a unique mask that takes a big leap forward in CPAP mask technology for patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).


It’s no secret that up to 70% of people who use a traditional CPAP mask stop using it every night.  Some of the most common reasons include:

myTAP PAP is  different! The upper tray anchors the mask in place. This added stability means less movement, no leaks, no straps, and no bulky headgear. myTAP PAP also has the lowest pressure drop among nasal pillows and is one of the quietest masks for sleep apnea treatment on the market.


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Not Compliant or Completely Satisfied?

Airway Management is pleased to offer a 90-day Patient Compliance Guarantee Program for CPAP naive patients for the myTAP PAP Nasal Pillow Mask. If you (the patient) are not completely satisfied during the first 30 days of use, we also offer a 30-day Patient Satisfaction Guarantee program. These guarantees are in lieu of any other applied warranties, breakage or misuse by the patient. 

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myTAP can be fit in as little as 15 minutes, allowing same-day treatment and immediate relief from sleep apnea and snoring.


flexTAP is a premium, lab-made sleep device that offers personalized comfort.


customTAP PAP

customTAP PAP is a hybrid therapy for the most complex sleep apnea cases that combines a TAP Custom oral sleep device with nasal pillow CPAP therapy.