Immediate, Precision-Fit Oral Appliance

myTAP is a non-custom oral appliance solution for patients interested in oral appliance therapy. Proven as effective as customTAP, myTAP is FDA cleared to treat snoring as well as mild to moderate sleep apnea.


myTAP can be fit in as little as 15 minutes, allowing same-day treatment and immediate relief. Because of the unique tray technology, myTAP can be reheated and refitted as many times as needed. The Precision-Fit trays can be adjusted immediately for maximum comfort.


myTAP saves time for patients, dentists, and physicians, since there is no need for a separate fitting appointment. myTAP is backed by our 30-day patient satisfaction guarantee and 90-day warranty.

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Proven Technology

ACTA study shows myTAP as effective at treating sleep apnea as custom TAP – the most effective oral appliance on the market.

Adjustment Mechanism

The myTAP Adjustment Dial allows the clinician or patient to adjust the amount of protrusion of the lower jaw to the most effective and comfortable position. Each half turn (counterclockwise “from user’s perspective”) of the myTAP Adjustment Dial will advance in ⅓ mm increments.

Mouth Shield

Standard with every myTAP oral appliance, the myTAP Mouth Shield slips over the post to improve comfort and treatment outcomes by promoting nasal breathing. It also prevents dry mouth and excess saliva, which are common side effects of any oral appliance.

The findings of a pilot study, published in the Journal of Geriatrics, showed that oral appliance therapy including a mouth shield can improve cognition in those with dementia. 

Increase Vertical Opening

Vertical Shims are available for purchase with myTAP to allow for an additional 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm vertical opening.

By adding vertical shims to the myTAP, it provides more tongue space which may reduce protrusion requirements. 

It also provides long term guidance for custom oral appliance therapy.

How to Order myTAP


You can use our Find a Provider page to find a clinician near you and discuss if myTAP is a good treatment option for you. 


Connect virtually with our partners at Sleep Doctor or Helio Sleep to get started on your sleep journey.


Healthcare Providers

You can maintain inventory by ordering directly from Airway Management. Contact us to request a purchase order form.


You can also issue a myTAP prescription and have your patients upload and order online through CPAP.com or Apria Direct as a cash pay alternative.


To distribute the myTAP oral appliance, please email orders@amisleep.com to receive the most up to date distributor order form.

Not Compliant or Completely Satisfied?

Airway Management is pleased to offer a 30-day patient satisfaction guarantee and 90-day warranty for myTAP. This does not include loss or damage to the appliance due to negligence on the part of the patient. Click here to learn more about the myTAP guarantee.

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