customTAP Oral Appliance for Snoring and Sleep Apnea

TAP 3’s simple design is made up of mandibular and maxillary components that are joined with a fixed mechanical hinge and inseparable pivot point during sleep. Fitting comfortably, the TAP 3 is designed to provide room for the tongue and allow the lips to close.

The TAP 3 is titratable with a single point of central adjustment, which prevents uneven bilateral adjustment that may create an irregular bite and jaw discomfort. An adjustment key enables the patient to adjust the protrusion of the lower jaw while wearing the device until a comfortable and effective position is achieved.

Available through 100+ partner dental labs
Single hook allows for 7mm of advancement
Stainless steel parts

Hardware Design

A hook mechanism attached to the upper tray fits in a socket attached to the lower tray and positions the lower jaw forward, preventing the soft tissues of the throat from collapsing and obstructing the airway.

Adjustment Mechanism

The adjustment key enables the patient or clinician to adjust the lower jaw while wearing the device until a comfortable and effective position is achieved.

Precision-Fit® Trays

TAP 3 is available with two custom-formed soft liners for superior retention: AccuTherm or Triple Laminate (TL). AccuThermⓇ, the newest tray liner, allows you to achieve the perfect fit every time using hot water. Triple Laminate (TL) creates the snap-fit retention TAP is famous for. Easily adjusted for minor fit issues, it’s quick to deliver and comfortable for the patient.

Milled dreamTAP is also available exclusively through DynaFlex. Milled trays create an extremely accurate, crystal clear and impressively strong device.

Nasal Breathing

To improve treatment outcomes, the TAP 3 Mouth Shield attaches to the hardware and sits inside the lips, reducing flow through the mouth and promoting nasal breathing.

Combination Therapy

Most studies have shown the TAP appliances to be very effective in the entire sleep disordered breathing range from simple snoring to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. To treat severe OSA, Airway Management has designed an add-on product to connect a TAP 3 (or dreamTAP) to a nasal pillow. We call it the TAP PAP CS.

This allows the professional to combine oral appliance therapy with a CPAP device. For most patients, using the TAP PAP CS will permit the patient to reduce the pressure on the CPAP by opening the airway first with the TAP appliance. The result is higher compliance with the treatment.

What Customers Are Saying

Russell McFarlane, DDS

Joseph Whitehouse, DDS

“After years of suffering from narcolepsy, through sleepwalking, bruxism, sleep paralysis (PTSD), sleep apnea, I am finally able to get a full night's sleep without need of taking off/on a mask for frequent trips to the bathroom (CPAP). I had undergone Le Forte One surgery (jaw repositioning) because of the heavy bruxism, back in my 30's. I also suffer from epilepsy, which is under control.

I am so appreciative and thankful for TAP 3. My sleep score on my fitness tracker showed minimal sleep duration/deep sleep. The score has improved. Thank you again!”

All custom TAP oral appliances are Medicare coded (E0486). Download the coding verification for all customTAP oral appliances.

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