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Celebrating One Year of flexTAP

As we wrap up flexTAP’s first year on the market, we are happy to announce new design improvements, share success stories, and inform you of clinical research underway.

Introducing flexTAP, the latest game-changer in the world of dental sleep medicine. With a successful year under its belt, flexTAP has revolutionized the industry by simplifying the delivery process, reducing lab costs for clinicians, and greatly enhancing patients’ overall quality of sleep.

Dr. Keith Thornton emphasizes that while many might mistake flexTAP for a dental appliance due to its attachment to the teeth, it is, in fact, a physiological breathing device.

A pivotal aspect of flexTAP’s innovation lies in its Vertex Technology, which focuses on the design of the post-angulation within the flexTAP hardware. This post is uniquely angled at 45 degrees, enabling patients to simultaneously adjust their lower jaw vertically and horizontally. This innovative approach differs from traditional oral appliances that primarily emphasize horizontal adjustments. The results have been remarkable, with patients experiencing reduced protrusion requirements, alleviating joint pain or jaw strain, and minimizing tooth movement.

flexTAP debuted through Airway Labs in October 2022, and it has since gained widespread recognition and adoption. It is now available through prominent partner labs such as Glidewell, DynaFlex, and Great Lakes. This breakthrough in dental sleep medicine promises to continue significantly impacting the industry and, most importantly, the quality of life for countless patients.

Design improvements

In response to valuable feedback from our customers, we have made several enhancements to the design of flexTAP to ensure the utmost quality while maintaining competitive pricing.

One notable improvement is the extension of flexTAP’s range, now offering an additional 5mm for even more versatility. Additionally, we have refined the post design to enhance stability. Launched initially with a 14mm adjustment range, flexTAP now boasts a total adjustment range of 19mm, providing clinicians with expanded options to meet their patients’ needs better.

Previously, flexTAP featured the slimmest trays within our range of custom TAP appliances, measuring 2.65mm. With our latest improvements, flexTAP incorporates even thinner ThermAcryl trays, now measuring just 2.15mm.

This reduction in thickness amounts to a 20% decrease, resulting in enhanced patient comfort and freeing up more tongue space with reduced material presence.

Success stories and notes from the industry

“My assistant looks forward to days when she fits patients with flexTAP because of the easy delivery process.” – Alan McDavid, DDS

“The Mouth Shield slightly adds to the bulk of the appliances but is so effective that I wouldn’t use the appliance without it! Overall, comfort has been great and has vastly improved my sleep quality. This may be my new go-to appliance for ease of fabrication and effectiveness.” – Joe Cardosi, DDS

“I consider flexTAP to be a genuine advancement in oral appliance technology. Generally, patients find it more comfortable than other TAP appliances because of the increased range of motion in all directions. Fit is easier and better than previous versions. Thinner bases are a BIG comfort plus. I think the Vertex system does allow significantly more room for the tongue than your previous products, thus improving the efficacy of treating OSA. I think my residual AHI scores ARE lower with this product. From a marketing point of view, the anterior adjustment tower does cause some patient objection, just as it does with the myTAP. In use, however, patient comfort does not suffer. Usually, I point this out to the patients, which resolves the complaint. I find myself using this product for the vast majority of my Airway Management cases.” – Arthur Luisi, DDS

“It is my new go-to. Patients love the additional tongue space and that it is metal-free. I love that we can ask patients to adjust at home without an in-person visit pending their symptoms.” – Jill Ombrello, DDS

“I had my initial flexTAP case fabricated by Airway Management’s in-house dental lab and was extremely pleased with the craftsmanship provided for the device. Blockouts and undercuts were precise, and the flexTAP fit my patient smoothly without adjustments. The patient was happy with the ease of delivery. All in all, it was a great experience. You guys are top-notch and one of the best in the business. Overall, a great product!” – Sam Hargis, DDS

Patients are also speaking out about how much this product has affected their overall health and well-being.

You can view more patient testimonials on our YouTube channel.

Research underway

Early findings from a recent study on flexTAP indicate a noteworthy decrease in AHI (Apnea-Hypopnea Index) among patients spanning the spectrum of mild to severe sleep apnea. Notably, in cases where patients were provided both a dreamTAP and a flexTAP, most demonstrated superior results with the flexTAP device.

The comprehensive results of this clinical report are anticipated to be concluded and released in the fourth quarter of 2023.