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Future of Sleep Apnea Care: Insights from Frontiers in Sleep

Dr. Keith Thornton recently participated in a panel discussion, shedding light on the evolving landscape of sleep apnea management alongside industry leaders. Highlighted in a publication by Frontiers in Sleep, the discussion outlines critical challenges and unmet needs in the field. These needs include: 

  • Revamping the diagnostic process
  • Streamlining the patient journey
  • Addressing provider shortages and burnout
  • Restructuring financial incentives to prioritize quality care.


Moreover, improving communication between healthcare providers and patients is discussed, emphasizing collaboration over competition. The proposed solutions entail implementing centralized specialist models, triaging straightforward cases for expedited care, adopting tiered-care approaches, and leveraging predictive models to enhance patient outcomes. This forward-thinking approach underscores a concerted effort towards more effective and patient-centric sleep apnea management strategies.

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