Peer-Reviewed Study

Utilizing combination positive airway pressure/oral appliance therapy to build relationships with physicians.

Author(s): Hogg J.
Published in J Dent Sleep Med.


Devices Used: TAP PAP CS

In this study, Dr. James Hoggs explains how he used combination therapy as a foot in the physician’s door. As stated in the study, “With combination therapy, many of the challenges of CPAP intolerance can be overcome, resulting in improved therapeutic outcomes.”


Physicians were enthusiastic about Dr. Hoggs’ efforts, as combination therapy offered a new treatment option for patients that are partial responders or non-responders to oral appliance therapy alone. Hybrid therapy also opens the avenue to treat patients who are not fully treated by PAP therapy or who were previously PAP noncompliant. Physicians can reengage these patients “for follow-up visits and titration of PSG to reset pressures.”