Reduce Sleep Apnea With TAP

A review of independent sleep studies conducted in 2015 by the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine analyzed the effectiveness of oral appliances in reducing sleep apnea.

TAP Is The Clear Winner


TAP successfully reduces AHI as effectively as CPAP.

decrease for severe sleep apnea
80 %
decrease for moderate sleep apnea
80 %
TAP vs. Oral Appliances

In severe cases, TAP is the only oral appliance to successfully reduce AHI.

decrease for severe sleep apnea
80 %

In moderate cases,

only 3 devices are considered successful, and TAP outperforms all of them.

Sleep Apnea is measured using AHI.

The Apnea-Hypopnea Index (AHI) measures the number of apnea events, or pauses in breathing lasting at least 10 seconds, per hour of sleep.

AHI Categories

Normal: 0-4
Mild: 5-14
Moderate: 15-29
Severe: 30 or more
Sleep Devices Are Considered Successful If:

CPAP Criteria

the device reduces AHI to less than 5 and by more than 50%

Oral Appliance Criteria

the device reduces AHI to less than 10 and by more than 50%

Study Review: AHI Reduction

Only appliances available in the U.S. and cleared for the treatment of sleep apnea were listed. Not all failures were listed. For a full list of studies, contact Airway Management or refer to the AADSM Clinical Guidelines.

What Makes TAP Unique?

TAP is the only device with a single point of central adjustment offering the following benefits:


Patients can easily adjust TAP while wearing it.


TAP can move the lower jaw farther forward than any other device.


TAP prevents irregular bite and jaw discomfort.

What Makes TAP Even Better?

Introducing dreamTAP: the most effective patient-friendly TAP appliance yet.