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WATCH: New AM Aligner with Airway Management

Ready to bridge the gap between tradition and innovation with the new AM Aligner?

During this one-hour webinar, Dr. Keith Thornton and Dr. Steve Carstensen will explore the fascinating evolution of the AM Aligner morning repositioner.


Webinar Description:

Join us in our upcoming webinar to delve into the remarkable journey of the AM Aligner morning repositioner. Originating from Dr. Keith Thornton’s pioneering work in 1996, this vital preventive tool has grown significantly alongside the advancements in oral appliance therapy. Over its impressive 25+ years, the AM Aligner has consistently evolved to align with the latest innovations. Its enduring popularity and proven effectiveness have solidified its status as a fundamental and critical tool in preventing occlusal changes.

The AM Aligner has uses in every dental practice. If your patients have any jaw muscle or jaw joint troubles, it’s helpful as a physical therapy tool. The AM Aligner also ensures you can record the patient’s best bite for restorative dentistry.

Discover how Dr. Keith Thornton’s recent enhancements and refined techniques have elevated the already outstanding AM Aligner, making it more patient-friendly, precise, and effective than ever before.

Learning Objectives:
1. Tracing the background, science, and purpose of the AM Aligner
2. Uncovering the distinctions between the New AM Aligner and its classic predecessor, and the compelling case for innovative advancements
3. Techniques for fitting the AM Aligner

Watch the live webinar recording here.